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The Works' Creative Team

Wendy Goodman

A branding savant from an early age, Wendy earned her first $5 of product revenue at five-years-old selling imaginary rabbit ladders. Her experience as an entrepreneur has driven her success managing product and retail campaigns as well as countless successful events in the entertainment, sports, consumer product, and nonprofit industries. The Works Creative Group is the result of Wendy’s years of creative strategy experience focused into this entrepreneurial venture.

Ben Goodman

Ben has always been a media junkie. He started working events at an age when most of us were in a deep debate over which was better, “Saved by the Bell” or “Beverly Hills, 90210.” After studying media intensively at The University of Southern California, he has since worked nonstop in the world of media and public relations. He is the perfect event branding strategist/media nerd our team needs to add astonishing value to your event.